Welcome to the Roosevelt Square Professional Building

In any economy, both start-ups and established companies are considering executive office spaces (“shared space”) not only for temporary office needs but also as a permanent office solution. Executive office spaces, also called office business centers, offer shared business space and related services for companies with different needs.

exteriorStarting, growing and maintaining a business is hard enough without having to worry about the hundreds of details and countless initial and recurring costs involved and all the hassles and headaches of getting an office up and running. Think about it – if you really want a professional, seamless operation, you need to hire and pay for a good receptionist, get a phone system and internet access, buy furniture, fax machines, copy machines and supplies, setup a kitchen with coffee machines, etc. There are more important things you should be worrying about – let us take care all the office logistics. What we offer is, essentially a “turn-key office”. All you need is a computer and you are ready to work.