What is “shared space”?

“Shared space” refers to the type of office arrangement where you get a workspace plus “share” the common space, equipment, services and amenities with other businesses in the building. This results in being able to get more services and amenities for less money – a receptionist, furniture, phone, internet connections, use of photocopy machines, fax machines, free gourmet coffee for you and your guests, and a beautiful, newly-renovated space – for a fraction of what it would cost if you paid for it yourself.

What is included in my monthly fee?

While the furniture included depends on the type of space you take, the following is typical: a desk, executive chair, file credenza, and two guest chairs. You will get a state-of-the-art telephone and unlimited domestic telephone usage and high-speed internet connection (just plug your computer in and you’re ready to go). All of your calls between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. will be answered by a courteous and professional receptionist and all of your mail, packages and guests will be received. With every office or office cubicle, you get two hours free usage of the conference room and/or meeting room.

Complimentary coffee for you and your guests is available in our beautiful kitchens on each floor, which include cold, filtered water, a refrigerator and a microwave for your use. Each floor also has handicapped accessible mens and ladies restrooms, as well as a state of the art copy machine for your use (copies incur a small additional per copy fee).

How much is the monthly fee?

The monthly fee depends on the space. It starts at $40/mo. for a Virtual Office up to $2,550/mo. for a beautiful and spacious two desk deluxe office on our main floor. There are many choices in between for all needs and budgets – the typical Professional Office runs between $1,100/mo. to $1,210/mo. and Office Cubicles are only $350/mo. Certain items, such as making copies, sending faxes and using the conference/meeting rooms incur small additional charges.

The fee seems higher than typical office space per square foot. Why is this?

RSPB is not your typical office space. Included in the monthly fee is a huge startup cost for office space that you won’t have to incur – you don’t have to get furniture, a phone, internet connection, copy machine, fax machine, a receptionist. On an ongoing basis, you don’t have to buy paper, toner cartridges, coffee, tea, cups, sugar, toilet paper, soap, utilities, etc. You are also getting a spacious reception and waiting area, conference rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, copy rooms, and restrooms – all at your disposal.

What if I want to keep my old phone number?

While most people use the main RSPB telephone line (as an extension), some people may want to keep their old business phone or get a new line. For those who want to bring in their own lines, there is a small administrative fee to accommodate this. The receptionist can either answer your line or the line can ring directly into your space.

Can I use the conference rooms and meeting rooms even if I do not have an office in the RSPB?

Yes. For a small hourly fee paid by credit card, the conference rooms and meeting rooms can be rented as long as there is availability. The fee is as follows: Conference Room (seats 10) – has a telephone, LCD TV for presentations and a dry erase board – $22/hour Meeting Room (seats 6) – has a telephone – $18/hour

What is a “virtual office”?

With the RSPB Virtual Office, you can have all the benefits of our building without actually having to maintain permanent space in the building. Our receptionist will answer the phone for you and forward the call to your offsite telephone and receive all of your mail and packages. You can also avail of our daily office space and hourly conference room and meeting room rentals. The perception will be to the outside world that this is your office building. The starting cost of a Virtual Office is $40 per month.

What if I need more than just one office?

RSPB offers unparalleled flexibility in providing pre-framed walkways and/or doorways between adjacent offices. You can take any number of adjacent offices and office cubicles – or an entire floor – to accommodate your space needs.

Is there a minimum lease term?

The minimum term for taking one of our offices or office cubicles is only 4 months. This allows much greater flexibility than the typical office arrangement which typically requires commitments from 1 to 10 years.

What is required to get started?

Arrange an appointment to look at our building and see what space would best suit your needs and budget. Once you decide on a space in the building, we require the following: (1) Deposit equal to one month and (2) first month’s fee. All subsequent payments must be paid by either automatic debit from your checking account (eCheck) or a Mastercard, Visa or Discover credit card. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or checks (except official bank checks and money orders).

What hours is the RSPB open?

You can access your space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reception service is available from 9AM – 5PM.